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How to Claim Car Insurance After Accident

How Car Insurance Companies Investigate Accident Claims

After you file a claim with your car insurance company, the claim goes through a process that leads to a settlement. The exact way that your car insurance company investigates accident claims can vary depending on the following :

  • The nature and severity of the accident.
  • Your company’s own policies.
  • Whether the accident involved property damage, injuries, or both.

Immediately After the Claim Is Filed

After you file your claim, a claims adjustor will be assigned to your case. The adjustor will review your policy to make sure that you are covered. He or she may contact you to ask for more details about the accident.

During the investigation, the adjustor may :

Request you send a copy of the police report for review.

Contact the other driver.

  • Talk to any listed witnesses to the accident.
  • Visit the accident scene.
  • Inspect your car for damages.
  • Take photos of your car.
  • Ask you to sign a medical release form in order to view your records.
  • Contact your medical providers for information regarding your injury expenses.

Medical Care and Vehicle Repair

Your insurance company will cover your injuries and repairs until fault is determined and then will negotiate with the other driver's insurance company to decide who pays in the end.

The process of initial payment is “indemnification,” which means coverage for damages and losses.

Repairs :

  • Using an approved body shop : Your adjuster may request that you take your car to one of your car insurance company’s approved body shops for an estimate.
  • Getting quotes : The adjuster may ask you to go to several shops of your choice and obtain quotes to compare.
  • Choosing your own repair shop : You can get the repairs done at any location you choose; however, you may have to pay the difference between that shop's estimate and the amount the insurer determines is a fair price.

Other Services :

  • Review of Official Records
  • Review of Official Records
  • Determination of Fault
  • Review of Claims
  • The Role of Social Media
  • Options to Resolve Claim Disputes